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“VIBIN” is Ricky Official’s first single to be released this year also one to retrospect. As soon as the song jumps-off it draws you in. The powerful confident lyrics: I like your style, I’ll keep it real with it, I like to follow everywhere you go, think our hearts are in the feels with it, we get to “Vibin” as we lose control. Ricky’s music is always incomparable. He keeps his audience craving more. He definitely has a unique style with a freshness every time.

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Heart of the city ft.Conzbruck

Heart of the City talks about the harsh realities of inner city living and the struggle undertaken by those fit to survive and reach their goals. Speaking for the have-nots Ricky Official describes the plight of a Miriam of individuals dreaming and striving to get to their light at the end of the tunnel, as depicted in the hook:
In the heart of the city is where the devil lies 
but my soul stays true I ain’t nothing but a man trying to survive 
In the heart of the city 
we walk every night searching for a change doing what we know 
just to stay alive
A multi-dimensional sounds allows for this single to be added to just about any playlist you have in mind as the holidays near and you continue to reflect on the many things you can be grateful and what you have overcome.  For all those giving it their all, Heart of the City is dedicated to you.

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Flying High

Ricky Official releases debut album, Flying High
A concept album which talks about the stages of a relationship, detaling from beginning to end the ups and downs, as well as barriers such  insecurities, and the pure blessing of marriage that can met with perseverance is instituted.
In the niche of Anderson Park, Bone Thugs N Harmony and Kendrick Lamar, Ricky Official has crafted his greatest work delivering a knock out in his first go around.

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