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 Ricky Official is a German/Japanese born and raised performing artist in the Hip Hop genre of music. A student of the culture since his teenage years, Ricky Official took to penning lyrics seriously in 2014 capitalizing on a lifelong dream of contributing to the culture. He left Europe behind to pursue his goals, and is now a resident of the hotbed city Atlanta, Georgia. Ricky Official is a musician at heart and in skill set, and he has taken steps to widen his brand and enhance visibility. Taking his career into his own hands, Ricky has rolled the dice on his self and sought opportunities to grow in and out of the booth as he been afforded the opportunity to hit the big screen as a pivotal part of many high end projects, all of which will benefit the process of pushing the envelope on his music. His latest music video releases for his songs Work in progression and Flying High, which are part of his debut Album “Flying High” which was released July 14  2017 on all digital music outlets have received great feedback.The album was produced by longtime collaborator Brandon Consbruck of Conzbruck Productions  and We As One Productions producer James Harris and mixed and mastered by Hitlanders.


With the support of his fan base which he has dubbed The “Official’s” as well as his live band “The Retrospektives” he is becoming a voice for his generation both in his native country and the states continuously tearing down stages each opportunity he gets. Promoting self-awareness and authenticity, Ricky instills the importance of ‘being yourself’ in everyone he encounters.
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Recent Releases

Flying High-The Album

After almost 18 month of hard work I’m proud to have released my first debut album ever called Flying High.  Available on all digital stores.

Ricky Official-Flying High
Flying High-Single Release

The single -Flying High-is the title track of the same titled debut album-Flying High and talks about
the elevation of your partner as well as growth and dedication.

Work In Progression-Single Release

The track Work In Progression- was released ahead of my debut, ‘Flying High’, and talks about patience and faith in a relationship, and the struggle of being tossed between your goals and your partners needs.

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Ricky Official & The Retrospektives – Flying High Tour 2017

The Retrospektives

ricky official black

The Retrospektives

Since I started working on my album Flying High I always had the vision of being backed by talented live musicians or even better my own live band.Today I’m proud to announce that this vision becomes reality.Starting October 2017 I will take my album on the road and perform it backed by “The Retrospektives” consisting off : Adam (Drums)-Trent (Bass)-Dylan (Guitar) & Ben (Keys) I’m super excited to work with these guys and bring you a live show experience that you will enjoy. Make sure to check my calendar as we add new dates to the Flying High Tour 2017 as we speak. See you guys soon in a town near you.

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